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Pack-Easy is the sourcing platform registered under the mother company Maxfort (HK) Int’l Co. Ltd.(incorporated #1857176), it provides an online one-stop sourcing service for various kinds of packaging material, our service model is featured by its simplicity, directness, time-saving & cost saving.

Pack-Easy helps client to source (under the same platform) paper box packaging, rigid box packaging, acetate box packaging, plastic bag, non-woven bag, paper bag, nylon bag, decorative packaging material, label, hangtag, gift card etc. Our strength is to save the time & cost of sourcing and product development in numerous manufacturers, it enables you to make up the packaging cost check for various packaging category in instant. Our professional sourcing team in china facilitates the whole sourcing process and provides you an instant help on sourcing & technical support.

The whole sourcing process can be done online in just a few minutes, unlike the traditional sourcing model, you don’t need to spend days or months in checking cost & develop packaging with numerous factory, you can just make it up beside your laptop. If you have question, just drop a word in our “LIVE CHAT system”, it works just like that we are in front of you, just any question and we will give you the feedback instantly.

You inquire online, we make instant quote, you place order, send to produce then we ship. That’s as simple as it is. Nothing complicated.

If you need to source gift & premium as well, just visit our partner company – Grand Vision International Co. Ltd. (www.grandgift.com.hk).