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Member guide

How to register?

How to register as member, you can make the registration via the following procedure:

1. Go to pack easy website, click "create an account"
2. After getting in the registration page, fill in your email address, password and reconfirm password, consignee name, consignee address, contact number. Click "create" to finish the registration.
3. Submit the above registration information, an activation email will be sent to your email address to show the completion of registration.

Pack Easy website member can easily make inquiry for all kinds of packaging material, make cfm of order, manage the order, inquire about the order status, create your wish list and comment on your favourite item. Subscribe our newletter enables you to collect further packaging update.

Change/ collect/ protect password

>> Change password 
Member can change password frm "my account". We suggest you to change password from time to time for protecting your account.

>> Recollect password
When you forget your password, simply click "forget password" to find your password. After getting in the "forget password" page, fill in your registered email address, you will receive the new password and link, access to the link and your new password can be reactivated.

>> Protect password

Suggest you to set your password at 6 - 12 by alphabet letter, number, symbol or space or mixed letter / number & symbol, e.g. 2286zch%%;

Try to set the password more complicated, not standard, suggest to use alphabet letter with number together in password, make change constantly and file properly in order not to forget after update.

Please do not disclose your identity information to others, do not please your name / spouse name / your birthday / your mobile no or something that the others easily access to as your password. e.g.19811231  zhangchingyi

Please do not take part of your email address as your password. E.g. If your email address is "mycompany@xxx.com",do not use "mycompany"as password

When you login from public computer network, please do not use IE function of "save password" / "remember login"

Change email address

>> Change email address
You can change your email address after making the login. System will send you the email update confirmation.