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Paper Material

Paper Material

Q: What is paper size?
A: Paper size is the dimension of paper, normally paper is made and packed in roll, when it is cut off. Generally it is expressed at inch.

Q: How to express paper thickness?
A: Paper thickness at gsm means the grams per square meter, e.g. 350 gsm = 350 grams per square meter on this paper.

Q: How does the paper color influence the printing quality?
A: Paper color can affect the printed color as it is the base of printing quality.

Q: What is paper grain pattern? How many kind of paper grains? Why do we need to consider paper grain in paper packaging?
A: The fiber coming frm the paper pulp creates the paper grains in different direction. Normally there are vertical & horizontal grains. We need to consider grain direction because it will affect the construction quality of the box.

Q: What is FSC paper?
A: The paper which is certified under FSC system.

Q: What is PEFC paper?
A: The paper certified under PEFC.

Q: Are there any water-proof paper?
A: normal artpaper with pp coating / foil paper / stone paper all have water-proof feature.

Q: How does paper size influence the price?
A: If the box size can fully occupy the whole paper size with low unused area. Then, the wastage will be low and the paper cost can be highly reduced.

Q: How many kinds of paper?
A: Coated artpaper, grey core coated card, uncoated paper, woodfree, fancy paper, newspaper, kraft paper, corrugated paper, foil paper, mylar paper, bamboo paper, stone paper, velvet paper etc. 

Q: How to measure the paper thickness?
A: Normally we use ruler or electronic ruler.

Q: can I request for food-grade packaging?
A: Yes. But need to request in-advance